Yapong Dance, One of the Betawi Folk Dance

Yapong dance is typical of traditional happy dance that with delicate and type of sensual moves. The term Yapong was taken from a song that follows the dance that sounds ya and the sound of the music that heard as pong’. Therefore, it was later on popular as Yapong dance. The dancers of the traditional sensual dance are girls, they wore traditional Betawi wardrobe that finish with head accessories out of Betawi tribe. There’s also shawl that being utilized as an additional closet, better known as Toka toka. Yapong dance is normal Betawi folk dance.

In times, it develops like a pop culture dance. Betawi cultures are more effected by Tionghoa or Oriental cultures, then Yapong dance is also having slight effect such as the wardrobe that wore by the dancers, is having red dragon motifs. Betawi Mask Dance. Jakarta native neighborhood or better known as Batawi people has a great deal of traditional artwork, one of which is the Betawi mask. Mask Betavi has at least 3 main elements: music, dance, and theater. The dance within this traditional artwork then called as Betawi Mask Dance.

Why utilizing a mask?  It is since Betawi people think that the mask is having magic powers. Additionally to refuse reinforcements, it was also considered effective at eliminating regret because of death, sickness, or any other disaster. Betawi mask could be translated in the shape of theatrical performances which contain aspects of dance, sing, narrative with dialogue and monologue. The amateurs use a mask comparable masks the dance “‘Western Java Karavang Mask”, but with regards to various languages. Betawi Mask Dance is being done in the significant occasion according to Betawi People, which is wedding day and circumcision day for the boy. By encouraging the gift show of Betawi mask dance is quite pricey, but they do manage this hardly to observe the moment. And on the other hand, by presenting Betawi Mask Dance for the suspect of honor, it’ll raise the social level of the server.